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Download Amazon Alexa App

With the free Alexa app, you can manage your alarms, music, shopping lists, and more.


Note: Download alexa app for windows 10, windows 7, Windows Operating system, Mac or Chromebook. You can also download alexa app for an ipad, iphone, Kindle and all.

Now Download Alexa App for every Platform

From Android to iphone, and from Windows to Mac you can download Alexa App for any platform of your choice. The vision behind this was to leverage the experience of every single user with this world-class smart device.

Anyone having any kind of device (Android, iphone, Mac, Windows) can have access to this outstanding gadget without getting into the hassle of buying something extra to operate Alexa.

This make the Alexa devices stands out of the crowd from other similar AI appliances of

Alexa for Android

The Android variant of the Alexa app is the most used variant of Alexa by the Alexa users. This is due to the fact, that most people prefer to use Android devices due to their easy to use interface. Just make sure your Android version is not outdated. For Amazon Alexa Setup, you can download Alexa app for Android, here.

Requirements: Your android device must be "Android 5.0 or Higher".

Alexa for Android
Alexa for iPhone

Amazon Alexa Setup for iPhone

It's on the second position in the usage list. Now make your iPhone more cool by operating the Alexa Echo devices via it. All you need is to download the supported Alexa app for iOS. Prior to that, don't forget to update your iPhone to the latest iOS. Download the app here.

Requirements: Your iPhone or ipad must be "iOS 9.0 or Above".


Alexa for Kindle

Love reading books on your Kindle and wish your Echo to read the books for you in the peaceful time or want to make your children hear bed time stories? Then, download Alexa app for Kindle. Amazon Echo Setup for listening audio books will be very convenient if you are using your Kindle device. Not only for home, it is also ideal to be used within your office or your work area.

Requirements: Your Fire OS must be "3.0 or Higher".

Alexa for Kindle
Alexa for Windows

Amazon Echo Setup for Windows PC

Want to set up Alexa at your Grandma's old windows PC? Or, as like others, love to use windows PC over the Mac? Then either from, you can download the Alexa app for your Windows PC or Click on the download button.

Requirements: For windows you need to have the web version supported by Alexa for that you need updated Browser.


Alexa for Chromebook

Have a Chromebook? Due to its faster speed performance, and advanced operating system many of us are using it. So, Alexa also has a version supported for the Chromebook, its right here. You can download the Alexa app for Chromebook.

Requirements: You need to have latest chrome OS and updated Browser's settings i.e. version or Higher.

Alexa for Chromebook

While downloading the app or setting up your Alexa device you may face some problems like:

Setup and Registration

  • Alexa Set up issues for Echo devices
  • Alexa can't connect /discover with smart home devices.
  • Alexa unable to understand me.
  • There was an error registering your device. Please visit help
  • There was an error registering your device. Error 12:1:107:22:1
  • Error 12:2:15:10:1
  • Error 10: 2: 17: 5: 1
  • Echo dot error 10:2:17:5:1
  • Amazon alexa error


  • Trouble getting connected to the Wi-Fi.
  • Your device was unable to connect to your Wi-Fi network. Please exit setup and try again
  • Amazon echo not connecting to Wi-Fi.
  • Alexa is having trouble connecting to the internet.
  • Alexa error 7:1:10:12:2
  • Amazon Echo Error7:3:4:0:1
  • Echo can't connect to Wi-Fi 7:1:10:12:2
  • Alexa keep disconnecting Error7:1:10:524:2


  • Sorry there was a problem entering pairing mode
  • Alexa cant connect to external Bluetooth speakers
  • Alexa Bluetooth getting disabled during the call
  • Alexa Compatibility issue with the BT device
  • Can't get Echo to connect up with my Sonos Speakers
  • Alexa Keep disconnecting from Bluetooth Speakers
  • Bluetooth Audio streaming to Amazon echo plus is not working
  • Bluetooth Audio Intermittently Drops Out, Pops or Buzzes

Music and Video Streaming

  • Multi-music room set up issues
  • Unable to play song on Spotify
  • Alexa only plays the sample music
  • Alexa keep skipping the tracks
  • Alexa keep getting disconnecting from Pandora
  • Alexa skipping phrases of the songs
  • Distorted sounds
  • Alexa cause Sonos unable to play
Music Streaming Error